Blueberry Muffins made with yogurt and applesauce


Link leads to:

Sounds healthy right? On my venture to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle I was ecstatic to see these. I know a lot of people have been using apple sauce rather than sugar and oil. Yogurt sounded interesting…

First ingredient called for whole wheat flour, I used regular all purpose flour. I rarely go out of my way to buy specialty things like this.

Next: Lemon fat free yogurt?! Plus lemon zest?! So I went with a lemon margarine pie yogurt (Regular lemon was not to be found) and a vanilla yogurt. As someone mentioned in the comments, DO NOT USE GREEK, it will make it very sour.

Lastly: Blueberries…DO NOT use frozen blue berries. Even if they are completely defrosted. Fresh ONLY. When i used frozen, I drained them thoroughly, and they still wouldnt set. And 2 cups is an absurd amount. Highly suggest 1 cup, eat the other cup while waiting(:

The end result: Mush. The end resulted in mush. So much moisture and blue berries ensured the muffins wouldnt set up. Bake time is 12-14 minutes, Mine didnt start to brown until about 18 so watch them carefully.

Would i try them again? Possibly, if fresh blueberries every cost under $4 a cup in Boise, ID. Our produce is limited up here so this might be one to save when visiting California.


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