Brussels Sprouts: Newest Obsession

So when I was young my mom made me eat the frozen tiny brussels sprouts covered in butter and tasted like cabbage and mush. With that being said I was very leery of trying them again. However I’ve heard great things from many people about FRESH brussels sprouts!


Leads to:

I love garlic. I love lemon. This is a treat in my mouth.

I grabbed 7 brussels sprouts and it was the perfect serving for a starving college kid and cost $.80! Perfection.

If cooking a smaller size, just minimize everything else.

Note: Be sure to cut them in half. And with a very sharp knife. If you have a dull one, it will make a mess of the layers of the sprouts and not turn out well.

2: The first time I made them as the recipe said with adding the sprouts then the garlic. Second time around, I sauteed the garlic first (this also helped make sure the oil was hot and ready) then added the sprouts. SECOND WINS! much much tastier, and much less garlicy.

3: Subtract the lemon zest, just stick with lemon juice (plastic ones are under $2 and last forever) and dont add too much! It turns the meal sour very quickly!

4: Some people add cheese, I prefer not to and save the calories!

Heres the nutrition facts for Brussels: Per Half cup

Calories: 28

Cards: 6

Protein: 2grams

Sodium: 16mg


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