Slow Cooker Chicken-Classic Herb Taste


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If you live in any cold place you know the GREAT perks of a slow cooker. You throw the food in and can leave it for hours without touching it! I love love love my slow cooker.

Baby chickens! I love a good slow cooker chicken, they are usually moist and so simple. This recipe is so simple and quick, also has all the seasonings that are fairly common to a household.

Number 1: Putting onions under the chicken, I’ve seen this in many recipes but never understood why. Well when you don’t add water to your chicken (I think it comes out more moist when you DONT add water) the onions help with moisture. It doesn’t add any taste and honestly is a pain in the butt to clean when done. So its a preference step.

The rule of “When it smells good its done” greatly applies to this. Or “wiggling a leg loose”!

I cook on high 4-5 hours for a 4lb chicken. 5-6 for 5-6 pounds or low for 8ish hours. When it comes to crock pot timing, you just have to do trial and error as every pot holds the heat differently.

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Blueberry Muffins made with yogurt and applesauce


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Sounds healthy right? On my venture to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle I was ecstatic to see these. I know a lot of people have been using apple sauce rather than sugar and oil. Yogurt sounded interesting…

First ingredient called for whole wheat flour, I used regular all purpose flour. I rarely go out of my way to buy specialty things like this.

Next: Lemon fat free yogurt?! Plus lemon zest?! So I went with a lemon margarine pie yogurt (Regular lemon was not to be found) and a vanilla yogurt. As someone mentioned in the comments, DO NOT USE GREEK, it will make it very sour.

Lastly: Blueberries…DO NOT use frozen blue berries. Even if they are completely defrosted. Fresh ONLY. When i used frozen, I drained them thoroughly, and they still wouldnt set. And 2 cups is an absurd amount. Highly suggest 1 cup, eat the other cup while waiting(:

The end result: Mush. The end resulted in mush. So much moisture and blue berries ensured the muffins wouldnt set up. Bake time is 12-14 minutes, Mine didnt start to brown until about 18 so watch them carefully.

Would i try them again? Possibly, if fresh blueberries every cost under $4 a cup in Boise, ID. Our produce is limited up here so this might be one to save when visiting California.