Worlds Best “Subway” Chocolate Chip Cookies

So I work across the hall from a Subway and my latest addiction is their cookies. They are so soft, chewy, decedent and PERFECT. On my¬† mission to make my own, I Googled the recipes for “Subway Chocolate Chip Cookies” and came across this site which also happens to come from Pinterest.



Leads to:


1) This is Suzie’s 2nd post regarding the recipe, so after making the cookies to the T of her directions, I noticed they flattened out much more than in her pictures. After looking at the first blog, I noticed she left out the refrigerating for 1 hour minimum which makes the world of a difference. Be sure to do this as the cookie dough is fairly moist (close to a batter) and will be hard to spoon with the tablespoon scoop.

2) FANTASTIC recipe. So fantastic.

3) What kind of chocolate chips to use? Not semi sweet. I prefer the full regular chocolate chips.

4) 12 minutes to make minimum.

5) The trick to these. Margarine > Butter in cookies. I’ve always been told to use butter in baking, but the spreading out is minimized. Using Parchment Paper is a life made easier. Slide it off the cookie sheet, throw some more on.

Yields: 40 cookies, balled in full tablespoon scoops

CAUTION: Will not last over 2 hours.