Orange Dreamsicles


Leads to: NOwhere!

Because there isn’t a link to the attached photo, like most pins, I figured it was as easy as mixing the ingredients together. Wrong..

How am I capable of messing up the mixing for 5 ingredients?

I used almond milk rather than coconut (as i always use almond) and because we don’t like coconut at all! Next, no honey in the house, I can skip it. INCORRECT. Add some sort of sweetener, it neeeeeds it!

Regardless of what sweetener you use (honey, sugar, sweet n low) BLEND IT! In a blender on high.

I simply mixed it all up and it separated before they could thoroughly freeze.

Try a pulp free orange juice. I used regular and along with the other screw ups, found the texture to be wayy to pulpy for my liking.

And I used the classic cheap popcisle making container thing (under $5 at walmart), not sure if it will work with a creamier sicle.

Mine came out to be more like popsicles rater than ice cream bars which is disappointing.

I promise to perfect this by summer, it’s my favorite treat.