Orange Dreamsicle Cookie Mix in Mason Jars


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Of course I wanted to make the actual cookies to ensure the recipe was good before I bought the mason jars and sent them as gifts.

How fantastic this is. So simple, quick, easy. The cookies don’t spread even though they are made with real butter.

I purchased Pint mason jars, and most arts and crafts call for Quart mason jars, so I simply cut the recipe in half and it worked just as perfectly!

Top them with a nice little bow, make a list of the wet ingredients, and decorate the jar.


*Jars come in packs of 12, after all ingredients, averages less than $4 per jar to make. What a bargin!



Orange Dreamsicles


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Because there isn’t a link to the attached photo, like most pins, I figured it was as easy as mixing the ingredients together. Wrong..

How am I capable of messing up the mixing for 5 ingredients?

I used almond milk rather than coconut (as i always use almond) and because we don’t like coconut at all! Next, no honey in the house, I can skip it. INCORRECT. Add some sort of sweetener, it neeeeeds it!

Regardless of what sweetener you use (honey, sugar, sweet n low) BLEND IT! In a blender on high.

I simply mixed it all up and it separated before they could thoroughly freeze.

Try a pulp free orange juice. I used regular and along with the other screw ups, found the texture to be wayy to pulpy for my liking.

And I used the classic cheap popcisle making container thing (under $5 at walmart), not sure if it will work with a creamier sicle.

Mine came out to be more like popsicles rater than ice cream bars which is disappointing.

I promise to perfect this by summer, it’s my favorite treat.

2’s for you

For whoever calculated the ratios of 2 cupcakes: thank you.


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These are basic vanilla cupcakes. 2 of them. Spice it up!

I added a little less sugar and orange juice rather than all vanilla (1/2 orange 1/2 vanilla+ a few extra orange drops). Made them have a zing!

Idea: Don’t forget the milk. Oops…try almond milk! Healthier, and great for cooking!

I don’t have anything bad to say about this, I just had to share how fantastic it is!

Frosting: Its really really hard to make butter cream frosting for 2. I used a recipe on the comments and it would have been enough for 6 cupcakes, but to make just enough for 2 is hard. Make the decision of trying to master that or just dealing with mass amounts of frosting ;). I added about 2 tablespoons of Ghirardelli powered white chocolate. YUMM!

The End result: One happy lady with 2 orange cream cupcakes topped with white chocolate butter cream.

Brussels Sprouts: Newest Obsession

So when I was young my mom made me eat the frozen tiny brussels sprouts covered in butter and tasted like cabbage and mush. With that being said I was very leery of trying them again. However I’ve heard great things from many people about FRESH brussels sprouts!


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I love garlic. I love lemon. This is a treat in my mouth.

I grabbed 7 brussels sprouts and it was the perfect serving for a starving college kid and cost $.80! Perfection.

If cooking a smaller size, just minimize everything else.

Note: Be sure to cut them in half. And with a very sharp knife. If you have a dull one, it will make a mess of the layers of the sprouts and not turn out well.

2: The first time I made them as the recipe said with adding the sprouts then the garlic. Second time around, I sauteed the garlic first (this also helped make sure the oil was hot and ready) then added the sprouts. SECOND WINS! much much tastier, and much less garlicy.

3: Subtract the lemon zest, just stick with lemon juice (plastic ones are under $2 and last forever) and dont add too much! It turns the meal sour very quickly!

4: Some people add cheese, I prefer not to and save the calories!

Heres the nutrition facts for Brussels: Per Half cup

Calories: 28

Cards: 6

Protein: 2grams

Sodium: 16mg

Garlic Parmesan Knots


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If you like over seasoned things (which I LOVE) these are for you.

What a great appetizer. Suggest to serve them warm (most definitely not cold) and with ranch!

Idea 1: Don’t use jumbo biscuits. I’ve cooked with jumbo ones in everything for as long as I can remember, but unless you want these in the size of softballs, don’t use jumbo biscuits, stick to regular ones. My baaad.

Idea 2: Oil type doesn’t matter one bit, but Canola is healthier than vegetable.

Idea 3: Grated Parmesan, using the green bottle can is required, the real stuff doesn’t melt well and has a terrible texture.

So delicious, everyone should try. Would be great for 3-4 people dinner, or a superbowl party!

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